To Cover the basic stages of welding compliance...
At Elite Engineering WA we have qualified welding supervisors that can help your company to:

  • Develop a list of joint configurations your company uses
  • Develop Welding Procedure Qualification Records ( PQR's )
  • Develop Welding Procedure Specifications ( WPS's )
  • Supervise Welder Qualifications
  • Arrange 3rd Party NATA Accredited testing to ensure all the testing is correct
  • Welding Supervision
  • 3rd Party Weld Inspections
  • NDT Coordination
  • Develop or Review MDR's
  • Develop or Review ITP's
  • Develop or Review all Documentation

For example, once we have decided on what joint configurations are needed and the individual welding them, we will come to your workshop and witness the welding of the test piece by each welder, in which we record all the parameters, the welding consumables and any special requirements that need to be included on the Welding Procedure Specification. Once completed, we will identify the test pieces then dispatch them to a NATA approved lab for destructive testing.

Before you start your project we suggest you make a consultation booking with one of our Quality and Welding Consultants to go through any requirements you may have.

Welding Procedures

Welding Procedures

A WPS contains the details required by the operator for making production welds in accordance with Code requirements. These documents contain all the necessary variables to properly reproduce acceptable welds by qualified operators over and over again.

Welder Qualifications

Welder Qualifications

We are able to conduct, witness and certify your welder qualifications in line with your welding procedures

Welding Inspection

Welding Inspection

Elite Engineering WA has certified AS1796 Cert10 & AS2214 Welding Supervisors that can not only conduct welding inspections but also give guidance on how to repair any problems.

Weld Specification

MDR Review

With many years experience in compiling and reviewing MDR's for both Oil & Gas and Mining, we can help to either compile, review or audit your MDR

Document Review

3rd Party Document Review

We are able to 3rd party review all your quality and welding documentation including Welding Procedures, Welder Qualifications, MDR's, ITP's, Material Certs etc.

Inspection Test Plans

Inspection & Test Plans

With many years of quality, welding and fabrication experience we are able to provide high quality ITP's