Quality and Welding Inspections in China for International Company

Quality and Welding Inspections in China for International Company

We were asked to do a visual welding inspection on some mining related items that had come in from China, the items had already cracked before they had gotten off the boat. After the initial inspection we came up with a plan to send one of our welding inspectors to China to help the Chinese manufacturer comply with Australia Standards. To be fair they had not been exposed to Australian Standards before and why should they have been it is not the standard for their country. They needed help getting up to scratch with welding procedures, welder qualifications, Material sampling as no material certificates were provided, etc.

After that we were off and fabricating, the skill level was average as expected but mainly in the finishing and cleanup of the welds. Our inspector was present during the whole welding of the project and was able to inspect and advise as it was progressing. After a couple of weeks the project was all welded, surface treated, machined and ready for shipping. The project turned out well in the end with all parties happy.


Visual Welding Inspection, Project Management, Engineering Design, Drafting

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