Digital IO IIOT Module

Our Digital IO Module allows for multiple Inputs and Outputs to be controlled in an Industrial IOT system.

Some main features of our Digital IIOT Module are:

  • 16x GPIO (General Purpose Inputs and Ouputs)
  • Three Hardware Address Pins to Allow Up to Eight Digital IIOT Modules On the Bus
  • Extended Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
  • 2x Interrupts - INTA and INTB Can Be Configured to Operate Independently or Together
  • Polarity Inversion Register to Configure the Polarity of the Input Port Data
  • Low Standby Current: 1 μA (max.)
  • Easy to get connected and get started

Form Factor

DIN Rail mountable case
120mm Long x100mm Wide x 23mm High


3.3 Volt logic version
- Input Voltage: 4.5v - 24v

5 Volt logic version
- Input Voltage: 7.5v - 24v


MCP23017 GPIO Expander


Digital IO IIOT Module
Digital IO IIOT Module




I2C Communications
- Standard Mode (100kHz)
- Fast Mode (400kHz)
- High Speed Mode (1.7MHz)

Pre-configured address of 0x20


Examples for configuring and reading are available on our Github Page

System Integration

Can be intergrated into any IIOT system that has a Master controller that supports I2C.

We give example code for Raspberry PI and Arduino hardware.

We also offer system integration and custom code as a service.

Coming Soon