ADC Input 18bit 8ch IIOT Module

Our ADC Input Module is made up of 2x 18bit 4 channel ADC`s allowing 8x analog signals to be sampled with accuracy.

The ADC Chips are MCP3424 which are low noise high accuracy 18-Bit delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter. These devices can convert analog inputs to digital codes with up to 18 bits of resolution.

Some main features of our ADC IIOT Module are:

  • 8x ADC Channels at up to 18bits resolution
  • One-Shot or Continuous Conversion Options
  • Extended Temperature Range: -40°C to +125°C
  • On-Board Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) - Gains of 1, 2, 4 or 8
  • Easy to get connected and sampling
  • On-board temperature measurements with the HDC1080 Temp and humidity sensor

Form Factor

DIN Rail mountable case
120mm Long x100mm Wide x 23mm High


3.3 Volt logic version
- Input Voltage: 4.5v - 24v

5 Volt logic version
- Input Voltage: 7.5v - 24v


Dual MCP3424 ADC Chips
HDC1080 Temp/Humidity Sensor


8 ADC Channels
- Configurable VCC to sensor through on board voltage divider
- Ground Wire
- Signal Wire
- Grounding for cable shield

2x VCC inputs to allow for daisy chaining of modules

Up to 2.048 input signal can be sensed

MAX voltage of 3.3v on input signals before damage to ADC hardware
ADC Input 18bit 8ch IIOT Module
ADC Input 18bit 8ch IIOT Module


Programmable Data Rate Options:
- 3.75 SPS (18 bits)
- 15 SPS (16 bits)
- 60 SPS (14 bits)
- 240 SPS (12 bits)

One-Shot or Continuous Conversion Options


I2C Communications
- Standard Mode (100kHz)
- Fast Mode (400kHz)
- High Speed Mode (3.4MHz)

Pre-configured addresses of 0x6c and 0x6a (Changable via address resistors) for the MCP3424 and 0x40 for the HDC1080


Examples for configuring and reading are available on our Github Page Elite ADC Input 18bit 8ch IIOT Module

System Integration

Can be intergrated into any IIOT system that has a Master controller that supports I2C.

We give example code for Raspberry PI and Arduino hardware.

We also offer system integration and custom code as a service.