At Elite Engineering WA we are bringing a new and innovative approach to the manufacturing process, whether it be Automated Welding, 3D Printing, or any other type of manufacturing you require.

Elite Engineering WA provides quality and welding consulting services to companies that require controls and documentation for the production of products geared towards the Oil & Gas and mining industry's. We are unique because we offer both Quality and Welding Consultation services and are able to help your company from start to finish of your project.

Director Rob Brown brings extensive experience in the design, fabrication and welding of Oil & Gas and Mining equipment to the Company and ensure all projects are handled in a professional manner without compromising quality, safety or the environment.

Welding Inspection

Some of Rob Brown's credentials include:

  • AS1796 Cert 10 Welding Supervisor - Pressure Equipment
  • AS2214 Welding Supervisor - Structural Steel
  • AS1796 Cert 9 Certified Welder - Automatic Welding
  • Certified Solid works Professional - Advanced Sheet metal Specialist

Welding Inspection

Our objective at Elite Engineering WA

is to meet with clients to bring together their needs with our extensive range of skills in quality and welding documentation, welder supervision and welding inspection for any type of repair or fabrication job, all while keeping the client's product and goals in mind.

When you work with Elite Engineering WA, you can expect...

  • Confirmation that all specifications & requirements have been met for your project.
  • An approach that ensures high quality standards.
  • A team effort where we work with your company to meet your welding and welder qualification needs with the right approach.
  • Our commitment to ensuring your company is fully compliant with relevant standards.
  • A tailored approach for any or all of your quality and welding needs.
  • A team who listens to what's important to you as a company and client when developing and designing the right approach for your project.
When utilising Elite Engineering WA's services, you will be managing welding quality by ensuring all standards are met and potential rework is eliminated by catching any issues early in the welding process.

At Elite Engineering WA, we pride ourselves in having an outstanding reputation for service, integrity and quality.

For more information on the services we offer, see our Services page.

Our team

Dedicated to quality and your success

Rob Brown
Rob Brown
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown
Sandy Dasuki
Sandy Dasuki
Mechatronics Engineer
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